Best sightseeing spot!
How to enjoy Shiroi Koibito Park

Recommended tours! How to enjoy Shiroi Koibito Park Two-hour course Park tour with your friends

If your friends come and visit you from outside of Hokkaido, bring them to Shiroi Koibito Park to see the roses.

Rose Garden

Required time Approx. 20 minutes

  • Stroll through the garden on sunny days!
  • Stroll through the garden on sunny days!
  • Stroll through the garden on sunny days!
  • Stroll through the garden on sunny days!

The English-style courtyard is filled with colorful roses and the beautiful scenery of rose arches, and a fountain. Some roses bloom later, so the garden is colorful until late October.
You will be astonished by about 120 types of 200 stamps of roses, such as the English rose and the classic rose. Find your favorite.

Shiroi Koibito original tin

I've just sent a photo taken with my smartphone camera!


Shiroi Koibito original tin

You can make your own original tin with a photo printed on the top; take a photo in the shop or bring one of your favorites from home.
You can use the original tin for a variety of purposes, such as for a memento of your visit to Hokkaido or as a celebration gift to someone—it's all up to you.

*The time required for the entire process, from order placement to finished product, varies depending on the number of people.

Shiroi Koibito Factory Tour

Required time Approx. 20 minutes

Shiroi Koibito Factory Tour

The full production line to produce Shiroi Koibito is open to the public.

Watch through a glass wall on the Shiroi Koibito Factory Tour to see how we sandwich chocolate between freshly baked langue de chat biscuits.
You can also view the manufacturing process for producing chocolate and discover the secrets of Shiroi Koibito, plus enjoy many other highlights.

Hands on sweets-making experience

Required time Approx. 30 minutes

You can make your own Shiroi Koibito!

★Examples in the photo★(Left) Cookie Painting<br>(Right) My Shiroi Koibito【Painting course】

Several courses are offered and everyone from children to adults will enjoy the experience of making sweets.
If you don’t have enough time, we recommend a quick cookie painting course.

★Examples in the photo★
(Left) Cookie Painting
(Right) My Shiroi Koibito【Painting course】

Chocolate Lounge

Required time Approx. 30 minutes

Parfait filled with sweets from Ishiya!

Enjoy sweets in the café decorated in antique English furniture.Enjoy a chat in a comfortable relaxing atmosphere.It is also fun to order different sweets to share with your friends.

★Examples in the photo★
(Left) Shiroi Koibito Parfait
(Right) Shiroi Koibito Swiss Roll

Shop Piccadilly

Required time Approx. 20 minutes

Shop Piccadilly

(Upper) Letter Grand  15 pieces 4,320 yen<br>(Lower) Couronne 36 pieces 2,160 yen

Shiroi Koibito Park Limited Edition Rose Garden Chocolate

Beautiful and delicate chocolate roses individually made by hand - We use Weiss chocolate from France as an ingredient.
The outer package is designed to represent the image of a stamp and an envelope, which is a limited edition Park product that you might want to send to a loved one instead of sending flowers.

(Upper) Letter Grand 15 pieces
(Lower) Couronne 36 pieces


Best shot!

Best spot!

Look through the heart-shaped hole surrounded by beautiful flowers and take a commemorative photo.
Say cheese with the symbol of Shiroi Koibito Park, Sapporo Automaton Clock, in the background!
This is a must-go spot in commemoration of your trip.