Highly Recommended

  • Original Curry

    Original Curry

    Authentic curry and rice made by curry chefs.
    You can choose the level of spiciness from level 1 to 5.
    Chicken Currry

    972yen (tax included)

    Cafe Entrepot

  • Shiroi Soup Curry

    Shiroi Soup Curry

    ¥ 1,188 ( With Rice, Incl. tax )

    Restaurant Owls

  • Shiroi Koibito Parfait

    Shiroi Koibito Parfait

    ¥ 756 ( Incl. tax )

    Chocolate Lounge

  • Shiroi Koibito shake

    Shiroi Koibito shake

    Plane : ¥ 300 ( Incl. Tax )~

    Soft lce Cream House

  • Siroi koibito soft ice cream

    Siroi koibito soft ice cream

    ¥ 300 ( Incl. tax )~

    Chocolate Lounge

    Soft lce Cream House

    Cafe Entrepot

  • Chocolate fondue

    Chocolate fondue

    ¥ 2,160 ( Incl. tax )

    Chocolate Lounge

  • Dessert Plate

    Dessert Plate

    ¥ 972 ( Incl. tax )

    Cafe Entrepot

Cafe and Restaurant information

  • Chocolate Lounge

    Chocolate Lounge

    - Chocolate Factory / 4F -

    A tastefully designed cafe fitted out with antique furniture from England. Visitors can relax over chocolate drinks in original.

  • Restaurant Owls

    Restaurant Owls

    - Shiroi Koibito Soccer Fieled -

    Diners can enjoy a meal here with views over Consadole Sapporo’s training field.

  • Soft lce Cream House

    Soft lce Cream House

    - Courtyard Shirakaba Station -

    Don’t miss the chance to enjoy soft ice cream in the courtyard while viewing the mechanical clock tower.

  • Cafe Entrepot

    Cafe Entrepot

    - Entrepot Hall / B1F -

    The restaurant is like a secret hideaway. Enjoy your sweets, original cofee, alcoholic beverage.