CHOCOTOPIA HOUSE-Projection Mapping Show

Opening Hours


A projection mapping show introduces visitors to the four revolutionary inventions in chocolate making.
Factory Tour Fees
(16 years old or older)
(4-15 years old)
(0-3 years old)
Individual visitors
(19 people or fewer)
1,500yen 1,200yen Free of charge

Study Base CACAO POD

Opening Hours

【平日/Weekdays】12:00-16:00 【土日祝/Weekends Holidays】11:00-16:00

Participants can enjoy learning how chocolate is made and from what ingredients. Don’t miss out on the chance to take a look at, learn about, and taste chocolate!

*The attraction is one of the feature of the Tasting Factory Tour.

The attraction is one of the feature of the Tasting Factory Tour.

Adult 1,600yen

Child 1,300yen

*All prices are tax included.

*Free for children aged three years or younger

Sweets Workshop DREAM KITCHEN

Opening Hours

10:00-17:00 (LAST 16:30)

You can enjoy cookie-making courses and a short chocolate-making course.


Opening Hours

10:00-17:00 (最終受付/Last admission 16:00)

Unguided tours are available to the production lines for Shiroi Koibito cookies and now for Baumkuchen cake. A huge diorama shows “white dwarfs” making Shiroi Koibito cookies, humorously introducing visitors to how the cookies are made.

Gulliver Town POKKE

Opening Hours


This town with miniature shops and houses allows kids to have as much fun as they like: playing house, playing games, dressing up as a princess, and more.

*Limited time and numbers.

April 17th OPEN!!
Time-slot① Reception-time 10:00~10:30 Play-time 10:30~11:30
Time-slot② Reception-time 13:00~13:30 Play-time 13:30~14:30 
Time-slot③ Reception-time 15:00~15:30 Play-time 15:30~16:30
Aged 12 or younger Aged 13 or older
Fees Weekdays 600yen(tax included)
Weekends and holidays 700yen(tax included)
Weekdays 600yen(tax included)
Weekends and holidays 700yen(tax included)

Note: Free for children aged one year or younger

One-day Pass :800yen (tax included)

*One-day pass is not available in weekends and holidays

Shiroi Koibito Railway

Opening Hours


Out of operation

Take a miniature train and explore the Garden Area!


1,000 yen per box

Capacity: up to 4 people per box

* Up to 2 children under 1 year old can ride on the lap of adults.

* Please note that seats cannot be specified.

* Please let our staff know before buying a ticket when you use a wheelchair.

[After purchasing the ticket]

Please line up 10 minutes before the departure time.

If you miss the departure time, you will not be able to board.


Opening Hours


A photo spot that adds color to the exit of CHOCOTOPIA


Opening Hours


Dedicated to the history of ISHIYA

Mechanical Clock Tower

Opening Hours


Automatons of animals living in the land of the North make a jolly parade for about 10 minutes at the top of the hour.
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (at the top of the hour, for approx. 10 min.)
*The operation may be suspended in times of inclement weather or for maintenance.